“Don’t read the label! Just eat it!”

Read Label

Imagine you’re in a grocery store and you stop to read the label of something you are considering purchasing. As you are reading, a woman comes up behind you and yells “Don’t read the label! Just eat it!” Wouldn’t you think she is a crazy person and move along as quickly as possible? Now imagine […]

Important update on masks in WJCC Schools

no mask

WJCC Administrators, not the elected School Board, made the decision to follow Governor Northam’s recommendation for students to wear masks again this year. Did you know that the School Board has the authority to make its own mandate regarding face coverings in the classroom? On Friday, August 7th Dr. Dan Stock addressed the Mt. Vernon […]

To wear a mask or not? That is the question.

no mask

While shopping in Kohls I witnessed an older lady berating a younger group along with their mother for not wearing their masks properly. “It’s not doing any good if it’s not on your nose. You might as well not be wearing one!” She exclaimed. Her loud talking in the direction of other customers in the […]

Graduation Week for area High School Seniors


It’s graduation week for area high school seniors. Unfortunately the Williamsburg James City County School Board decided to opt for a drive through graduation ceremony instead of waiting to schedule a full traditional ceremony in August. Even the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has said that New York city schools will be able to […]

Local High Schoolers Deserve Traditional Graduation


We’ve been hearing rumors that Williamsburg James City County high schoolers will have to endure yet another complication of the statewide shutdown . . . no traditional graduation. The Governor has said that our stay-at-home orders are in effect until June 10th. What the politicians aren’t telling Virginians is that they may again move the […]